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 Events & Partnerships
« Take the best of all of your strengths! »

Throughout the mission you entrust us with we will consider ourselves as part of your team. Working hand in hand around a project, we are therefore able of detecting the training or motivation needs that may arise during this time. This can lead us to suggest events with multiple purposes: setting up workshops to reinforce team building, creating new incentives to boost sales forces and your results, organizing partnership events to build loyalty, acquire new customers and have a better understanding of their needs and expectations.

As specialists of corporate events and sales promotion, we are able to create unique events for you to promote your sales or launch a product or service.

Thanks to our experience in various fields, we can also put you in touch with other companies, help establish partnerships that may have been unexpected, propose a co-branding strategy, make your respective clients meet, exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs and build efficient links that will create more synergy and generate higher returns through the concept of economy of scale.

Contacting or organizing common events will generate new sources of income or new projects for your own company. You may not have enough time or you may not have imagined that this type of incentive could be adapted to your company, which is why you can count on us to make these types of events successful without adding on to your workload. Indeed, we use our fundamental values: knowledge, understanding, information, exchange, adaptability and tenacity, enthusiasm, ambition… Sharing individual strengths for better results.

At your request, we can create, organize, follow-up on and lead:

  • Team-building workshops to strengthen team spirit, company weekends to ensure employee cohesion, enhancing communication between different departments, and/or the integration of new members in your company.
  • Sales challenges for your team internally or for your customers or distribution networks externally
  • Personalized BtoB, BtoC or BtoBtoC commercial events: meeting with your “ best” customers to thank them, increasing their loyalty, presenting a new product or service to them, meeting and acquiring new customers, meeting your current customers and perhaps initiating new promising projects.
  • Workshops, sales and marketing roadshows, trade fairs
  • Internal coaching sessions to improve sales, communication, quality of service and customer relationships
  • Inter-company partnerships, which can lead to the creation of a club of private entrepreneurs: exchanging on projects and ideas for innovative development strategies, sharing and building together by combining strengths, finding external new sources of clientele, and generating new income.

Success is the result
of effective teamwork.
The success of our partners guarantees
our own success, and vice versa.
By trusting each other,
we can be successful together.