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J'Adore Management
The Company

A unique story

J’Adore Management is the dynamic genesis of three story creators. The broad spectrum of their combined experiences insures an almost unlimited range of tailor-made and top-of-the line services from which you can choose according to your needs and the future development of your company.

By grouping our skills, we guide companies in their projects and operate in the fields of business development and marketing, events and corporate partnerships, and digital strategy, which we consider to be the three pillars of a successful business model.

Our young company is the fruit of the acquired expertise of experienced and skillful actors. Its head office is based in Toulouse and the company has an office in Paris. Of course, we work and travel all over France and abroad.

Team spirit is our philosophy

We take on each mission as sports coaches who guide their partners in order to win the game, which means that we do not consider those we work with just as customers. We do more than advise our partners, we assist them in the missions they entrust us with, until their full success.

This leads us to consider ourselves as real members of your team, throughout the mission. Flexibility, high standards in human relationships and in quality of service are the cornerstones of our daily work with you.

Our philosophy is based on 5 factors:

  1. We know the field and the players involved in all the aspects of the game.
  2. We are experienced strategists and we adapt to any situation.
  3. We become real members of your team, ready to train your players if necessary.
  4. We strongly believe that communication is the key to your success.
  5. We push the players to outdo themselves up to the final victory.

Our past experiences and our constant interest for innovative market trends, our knowledge of customer behavior, geopolitics and economics make us real experts of the Anglophone markets, and more particularly of the French market. Not only do we have full comprehension of these markets, but we experience them every day, they are our culture. We therefore hold the best position to assist and guide you in the development of your sales and the growth of your company on these markets.

Through in-depth market research, we know the strengths and weaknesses, the position and the potential, and what motivates each player. After having fully understood your company through a free audit, our job is to suggest the best strategy for the future of your company. This strategy will of course depend on various factors such as the budget allocated, context and environment, the final achievable goals and how high your motivation is for success. As good strategists, flexibility and innovation are our key words. They enable us to adapt to your requests and objectives, but also to anticipate and prepare for any external events that may occur and impact your final goal.

We consider ourselves as real members of your team. We strongly believe that success is the result of effective teamwork and for this reason, we always speak about "our” project. Your success guarantees our own success, and vice versa. Our reputation and future opportunities depend on the performance of our work with you and our ability to assist and guide you efficiently.

There is no victory without good communication. A productive strategy is one which is based on communication. The more information you provide us with, the more efficient and adapted the strategy we build together will be. J' Adore Management aims to create and implement tailor-made services. This means that you must clearly explain your needs, your budgets, how you wish to develop your company and your objectives. This also means that we guarantee full transparency when communicating with you through regular mission reports so that you are informed of the project's progress at all times and through every step of the process.

Our strategies will be designed to guide you towards victory and success, motivating you to surpass yourself. To do this, we will be there to assist you throughout the development of your project in order for the operations to run smoothly. That said, we want you to remain independent, so that you are in complete control of your choices and decisions. We know the field and the game, we are part of your team, we advise and share our knowledge and expertise with you, but you are the one who will be playing out on the field because in the end you are the only one who will be on the highest step of the podium.

Creativity at the heart of our philosophy

The old methods for success have proven their worth and we acknowledge and use them. But we are also convinced that today it is essential to take into consideration the evolution of techniques and know-hows, and our true passion is to create new working means which are adapted to your personal needs.

J’Adore Management offers a wide range of tailor-made services for all types of companies.

This is why we offer:

  • Top-of-the-line, tailor-made services only.
  • Regular and personalized follow-ups.
  • Proactive experts, dedicated to your specific needs and who take time to listen to you.

J’Adore Management expresses itself through the creation of:

  • Tailor-made programs to maximize revenue, optimize return on investment.
  • Personalized Sales and marketing plans (BtoB and/or BtoC)
  • Special coaching sessions within your company to boost your sales, improve your internal and external means of communication, build team spirit, improve your sales techniques and quality of services, motivate and manage your distribution network.
  • Personalized commercial events and sales promotions for BtoB and BtoC
  • Strong business partnerships for external sales growth
  • Innovative, customized technological solutions to manage customer relationships and generate new revenues
  • Press and web communication strategies to manage your brand image better

Human Relationships

Because we want to be your partner

Team spirit

Because together we are stronger


Because it is essential to stay ahead of the game

Our fundamental values

  • Knowledge, understanding, analysis: « First understand the subject »
  • Understanding, information, training: « Strain the subject through the sieve of our expertise. »
  • Brainstorming, suggestion, adapting: « Work together to find the winning solution. »
  • Tenacity, enthusiasm, ambition: « Add passion and dynamism to the project. »
  • Positive reinforcement: « Reward the winners upon arrival »


Because respecting our commitments is living in a respectful world


Because together your story will become ours!

Our Experts and associates

Julien Frontaine

Julien Fontaine
Business Story Maker

A cheerful boy, with an infectious laugh but with the tenacity of an Olympian. Faithful and sincere, he pays attention to details, never gives up, goes to the end of the projects he undertakes and knows how to adapt to all the difficulties that arise.

  • 9 years of experience in luxury products, brand image management and tailor-made services as Sales and Marketing Director and Development Director.
André Labouri

André Labouri
The Business Coach and his outstanding network.

He is the wise man of the group, a long-distance traveler with many on the field experiences, who knows how to moderate impatience and brings the eye of an expert to each project.

  • 30 years of international experience, as Sales and Marketing Director, Production Director, Development Director, particularly in the tourism and luxury hotel industry.
  • 10 years of experience as manager of a consulting firm specialized in luxury hotels in France and Belgium.
Damien Beucher

Damien Beucher
The E-Coach

With a great sense of humor, but also rigorous, meticulous and above all very knowledgeable about the digital world. The driving force of a group of technicians who know how to create the right tools for each project.

  • 5 years of experience in software development, creation of websites and web applications, specialist in social networks.
  • and a network of” à la carte” service providers
Réseaux d'artisans du numérique

Our network
Our professional allies

We work daily as a team with digital, communication and image management craftsmen. At your disposal, they offer you complementary solutions to those of J'Adore Management. These seasoned professionals are there to meet your needs and bring you their specialized skills.

They are developers, graphic designers, web designers, video artists, journalists, writers, photographers, bloggers, SEOs, communication experts and community managers. Don't hesitate to contact us, we will reveal you their know-how, their faces and their references.