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 Sales & Marketing

« Sell more, sell better! »

The key factors in the development of any business is to offer the right product or service, at the right time, to the right customers, at the right place. Today’s new knowledge and tools enable you to optimize the creation or improve your production and boost your sales. It is within this framework that J' Adore Management offers its commercial development services.

Our know-how in many fields of activities leads us to understand the real role of a Sales department. This involves sharing information, win-win negotiations, quality of service, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and of course, ultimately, financial profitability.

Our combined experiences and our constant interest in new market trends, customer behavior, geopolitics and the international economy make us highly qualified allies, especially when working with Franco-European markets.

Depending on your needs, we can assist you with the following actions:

  • Developing personalized BtoB and/or BtoC and e-commerce business plans
  • Analyzing the competition, competitive intelligence and benchmarking
  • Creating an effective development plan: fund raising, return on investment analysis and tailor-made strategies
  • Establishing strategic partnerships: between brands/companies, cross-selling, co-development, co-branding, clubs and private groups of entrepreneurs.
  • Establishing and managing your contract policies and commercial negotiations with your service providers and suppliers
  • Establishing or sustaining your business relationships: creating loyalty programs, sales challenges to strengthen existing business relationships and acquire new ones.
  • Launching a product or brand: building your business plan, competition analysis, product/service placement, BtoB and BtoC marketing
  • Organizing and leading tailor-made commercial events
  • Improving and managing Customer relationships: strategies to increase sales, generate new revenue, gain market shares
  • Organizing, leading and following-up on sales events
  • Training your team on products and sales techniques, particularly for niche and luxury products
  • Presenting your company in trade fairs or workshops to meet your distributors, franchisees or direct customers.
  • Prospecting and recruiting new business partners
  • Applying yield and revenue management policies
  • Finding new clients, networking

A complete outsourcing of your sales department, adapted to your needs, objectives and budget.

Together, we will help your company grow!

« Understanding better,
 to sell better »

We get to know you through a free audit. According to your specifications (needs, objectives, budget, motivation), we then propose a winning strategy.

We see ourselves as strategists who know the potential and the market. Flexibility and innovation are two key words that allow you to anticipate any external events and react on time so that they do not impact your final objective. We observe the world for you, with our eyes open to find new opportunities that you may not have spotted due to your current workload.

To put his players on the top of the podium, a coach must be effective in a wide range of areas, and must be able to identify, defend and assist his team according to the strategies that he or she has noticed. Of course, the final decision of whether or not to implement them is entirely up to you, but, we will remain your partner to help have a better view of the situation and we will be the first to applaud your success.

True to our convictions, we will put our expertise at your service to carry out your project, and we will follow its progress to the extent of your expectations.

In a first step, we can advise you in the following areas:

  • The development of a marketing plan tailored to your budget, needs and objectives, based on in-depth market research.
  • Market research (customer segmentation, creation of new products,...)
  • Creation of innovative promotional campaigns
  • Corporate identity management
  • Product launch: competitive intelligence, communicating to consumer and to business partners, press and social networks
  • Cross-marketing: organizating marketing events and developing promotional partnerships
  • Web marketing: SEO/SEA referencing techniques, community management, inbound marketing, newsletters (writing and web design), flash sales
  • Understanding the market: trends, adaptability, economy, national and international geopolitics.
  • Corporate strategy: SWOT analysis, 4P strategy
  • Communication: press and advertising, news and website management, blogging, community management

A complete outsourcing of your marketing and webmarketing department adapted to your needs, objectives and budget.

Let's be creative together!